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Home insurance is vital to protecting every home. Rick Powell Insurance, Burbank, California 91502, knows home insurance policies from years of writing them for our customers. We know how much a home means to a homeowner, and we know how to provide the home insurance you need to protect your house and its contents. Contents insurance is just as important a part of home insurance as the coverage to protect the house, and we'll help you evaluate the amount of contents insurance you need for your possessions. We've even got software that can help you with an inventory of your home's contents.

We can also discuss how much liability coverage to include with your home insurance. This coverage insures against accidents in the home, including accidents that visitors may suffer. We'll also discuss ways to make your home safer so that you never have to file a claim on your liability home insurance.

Finally, here in southern California, a question on the minds of everyone seeking home insurance is "What about earthquake coverage?" We'll be happy to discuss earthquake insurance for your home and how to evaluate the risks to your home of an earthquake.

At Rick Powell Insurance, 353 E Angeleno Ave, Suite C, Burbank, California 91502, we love to talk to new customers about their home insurance options. Feel free to stop in to our office if you're in the neighborhood. You can also call for a free insurance quote, or click on the Quote button on this page.

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